In order to catch up with the technology development and international standard of protection required under the TRIPs Agreement, the new Indonesian Patent Law No. 14/2001 was promulgated on August 1, 2001. To facilitate international patent filling, Indonesia has also acceded to the Patent Law Treaty (PCT).
Patent Services
Our services in patent matters (patent and utility model) include as follows :
  • Preparing and filing patent applications and obtaining Indonesian patent.
  • patent annuities services.
  • Patentability searches.
  • Opinions on patent validity and infringement.
  • Enforcing patent against infringement.
  • Defending clients against infringement charges by others, as well as representing clients in disputes resolution through either legal proceeding or negotiation.
The requirements for filling a patent application :
1.  Power of Attorney, (simply sign) legalization no required
2.  Declaration of Entitlement, (simply sign) legalization no required
3.  Specifications which consists of :
 a.  Description, the contents of which must be structured in strict accordance with the following statutory format :
  • Technical field.
  • Background art.
  • Technical improvements & advantages.
  • Brief explanation of the drawing(s).
  • Mode of carrying out the invention & working examples.
  • Industrial applicability.
b.  Claim(s).
c.  Abstract.
4.  Formal drawing(s).
5.  Certified copy of priority document.
6.  Deed of Assignment from the Inventor(s) to the applicant or evidence that Inventor(s) is/are member/employee at 
     the applying firm with Indonesian translation attached, (simply sign) legalization no required
7.  For PCT National Phase applications, the above documents shall be added with :
  1. Chapter I (deadline 30 months from the earliest priority date).
    • Copy of any amendments to the claims under Article 19.
    • Copy of PCT International Search Report (PCT/ISA/210).
  2. Chapter II (Deadline 31 months from the earliest priority date).
In addition to 8.i. (a) and (b) above, please also provide Copy of International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER) form (PCT/IPEA/409) along with the amendments that has been done.
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