NSP Law Office can provide services in family law issues, among other cases, Marriage & Divorce. We have handled a wide range of family law cases, ranging from divorce Petition husband, women divorce, annulment of marriage, marriage adoption, guardianship petition, custody lawsuit (acquisition and maintenance) of the children, division of property claim, gono-gini, etc. either through the Religious (Moslem) or District Court (religion other than Moslem).
In dealing with issues of family law, NSP Law Office have working procedure / Terms & Conditions to be met by the applicant or the Authorizer. Procedure / requirement to legal services are as follows:
  1. Applicant / Authorizer shall prepare the requirement that must be taken that the Applicant ID, book / marriage certificate and other evidence so chronological problems.
  2. Have a consultation service issues / cases.
  3. Signing a Power of Attorney by the Petitioner / Plaintiff.
  4. Perform the step that have been developed with the NSP Law Office