NSP Law Office has supported by advocates who are experienced in providing help and serve individual and non-individual who are victim of crime or help develop / create a chronology, analyze problem, assisting, instructing law, then report the crime to the police.

NSP Law Office provide services and legal assistance to individual and non-individual who have been accused / suspected / accused of a crime by the principal investigator, provide assistance and legal advice during the process of investigation and examination by police investigator and prosecutor, providing assistance and advocacy in the hearing before the trial court, helped compile evidence and witnesses, accept the decision, appeal and cassation and the efforts of law or judicial review in a criminal case.
Procedure to legal services:
1. Make / prepare chronological events;
2. Have a consultation with NSP Law Office;
3. Signing a Power of Attorney and to make legal engagement letter 
4. Perform the steps given by the NSP Law Office.