NSP Law Office providing services in Corporate Law, among other issues MERGER, CONSOLIDATION & ACQUISITION. A process of merger, acquisition and consolidation is the process of law made by the company in order to nourish the corporate law. NSP Law Office can assist employer or companies that will do the merger, consolidation or acquisition .

NSP Law Office has the entire work area in Indonesia, for service in the field of Corporate Law Service on issues MERGER, CONSOLIDATION & ACQUISITION include:
  • We help to provide solution to determine factor important to note in the context of merger and    acquisition.
  • To assist preparation to  merger, consolidation and acquisition
  • Help make merger, consolidation and acquisition procedure under the Act Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Legal protection against creditor, minority shareholder and employee.
  • To assist  Public Company in  merger, consolidation and acquisition .
  • To assist in merger and  acquisition Business Banking
  • To assist in acquisition cross Country
  • To assist setting Tax Aspect related to merger, consolidation and acquisition
  • To assist the issue of Spin-off (Separation of Business).
  • Etc..

Free trade and business in this era spurred many companies in the competition so frequent disputes and the need for a solution that quickly and accurately. Therefore NSP Law Office, to serve and help people who are in the trade disputes quickly and appropriately.
  • Have a consultation with NSP Law Office
  • Preparing documents of the agreement, the deed of incorporation and other related evidence
  • Signing a Power of Attorney and to make legal engagement letter
  • Implement Referral or advice of the NSP Law Offices



Handling Business Licensing is a service is one of the NSP Law Office  in providing relief services in terms of representing and / or help-licensing arrangement licensing for individual and companies. Business Licenses can be assisted by NSP Law Office is licensing or permit as follows:
  • Permits on Energy (Oil and Gas)
  • Building Construction License (IMB)
  • Advertisement License
  • Construction Service Business Permit / Business License for Construction Services
  • Disruption Dispensation Permit (HO)
  • Permits on Energy (Oil and Gas)
  • Permits in mining
  • Industrial Registration
  • Industrial Enterprise License(TDP)
  • SIUP / Trade License
  • Warehouse Registration
  • Enterprise Registration
  • License for Restaurant
  • Land Exploitation License
  • Land Transformation Exploitation License
  • Location License
  • Franchise Registration Certificate (STPUW),
  • Permit domestic and foreign company,
  • Tax Number (NPWP),
  • and others.

Free trade spurring each company to continue to compete and produce a product. That is why the need for the conditions required by law in Indonesia that the establishment of a company does not cause problem because of the absence of a legal basis in establishing the Company. NSP Law Office provide services in the area of the Corporate Law including :

• Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (PT)
• Establishment CV
• Establishment of Firm
Labor issues in the industrial sector in Indonesia often is the problem, in the sector of labor regulation on industrial/company often a mismatch between industrial / company and labor. Indonesia developed a system of labor by issuing regulations, regulations must be applied in the field of industrial/company as a system within the rules in labor issues. We, NSP Law Office can help you in labor issues for both labor or industrial/company.
Our services:
  • To help problem solving in term of Human Resources Development
  • Legal Attorney to represent labor or company from legal disputes in mediation and (to) court
  • To help make contracts of work in the company.