Considering the cultural and customs diversity of Indonesia and also the international standards of protection required under the TRIPs Agreement, the new Indonesian Copyright Law No. 19/2002 was promulgated on July 29, 2002. Registration of copyright is not mandatory in establishing the copyright in Indonesia, however the said registration will be much help for the evidentiary purpose. 
Copyright Services
  1. Filing copyright applications and obtaining registrations.
  2. Determining the applicability of copyright protection.
  3. Licensing.
  4. Enforcing copyrights against infringement.
Defending client against infringement charges by other, as well as representing client in disputes resolution through either legal proceeding or negotiation.
The requirements for filing a copyright application :
  1. Power of Attorney, (simply sign) legalization no required
  2. Statement of Ownership, (simply sign) legalization no required
  3. Assignment, only if the applicant is not the author of the work.
  4. [15 (fifteen) copies  (logo and device).
  5. 3 (three) copies (disks).
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