Civil problems prevalent in the society, the problem may arise because of the treaty or agreement has been violated or not met. Issues regarding the relationship between members of civil society or individuals with other people or other parties in terms of relations engagements, trade accounts payable, purchase, lease, borrowing upon agreement of the parties. If in the future where one party denying or implement agreements that cause harm to others, then the aggrieved party can file a claim or lawsuit against the adverse party by way of consultation, mediation, arbitration or through a civil suit to court

We are from NSP Law Office as one Law Offices in Jakarta can handle and help the civil case, the Court and outside the court, the office we were supported by the lawyer who is experienced in handling civil cases, our service areas throughout Indonesia.
Procedure to legal services:
1. Setting Chronological Case;
2. Have a consultation with NSP Law Office;
3. Signing a Power of Attorney and to make legal engagement letter 
4. Implement appropriate stage direction/advice.